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Hello, welcome to DMB_USendIt, a community for Dave Matthews Band fans to exchange mp3s of live and unreleased tracks performed by one of the greatest bands in the world, using the upload/download site You Send It.


+ Commenting when you use a link is nice; it also helps the original poster to keep track of how long the link will last

+ Please avoid uploading or requesting tracks which are easily commercially available. Other similar sites have been taken down because of just one song like this being posted; we don't want this comm to go the same way. Simply put: if you can walk into Wal-Mart or FYE today and buy it, then don't upload it.

+ Re-uploading popular downloads for other members of the community is common courtesy and very much appreciated by both the original posters and the rest of the community.

+ Please remember to make all posts Friends Only; whether you're posting new links or you're making a request. It's a LiveJournal rule for communities of this nature, so check your settings before you post!

+ Politeness and courteousness towards others is a must. Respect the fact that people are taking time out of their day to do a favour for people they've never even met. DMB fans are an amazing group of people, so we don't expect any major drama to arise - this is just a (polite!) warning :)

+ Any problems, just contact the mod- achtung_baby41 (she doesn’t bite)


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I upload a track?
A: Go to http://www.yousendit.com. Where it says "Select File to Send", click on the "Choose" button next to it. It'll then bring up the contents of your computer - just find the mp3 you want to upload and click "Open". Back on the web page, click the "Send It" button. You should then get a page that says "Sending Your File. Please Stand By". Once the mp3 has finished uploading, the site will give you a link which you can then copy and paste into a LiveJournal post. That's it!

Q: Do I have to enter an email address?
A: No. You'll still get a link at the end of the upload even if you leave that field blank. You can put your own email address in if you like, so you have a record of the link. YSI won't spam you or anything.

Q: Why can't I see any posts?
A: Because this community is friends-only, so you have to click the "join community" button first.

Q: Do I have to use YouSendIt?
A: Not necessarily. If you have your own server space that you can upload mp3s to, then that's great :)

Q: How do I convert my songs to mp3s/WMAs?
A: dBpowerAMP is a program that is free to download, contains no spyware or adware, and is very user-friendly. Once installed, all you have to do is right-click on the track name, choose "convert" and it'll create a copy of the song as an mp3/WMA (your choice) in a new folder. There are other programs out there if you don't like this one; Google for "mp3 file converter".

Q: Can I make a request without offering a file of my own?
A: Yes. However, do please post any songs you may have when you can or when other people request them - people uploading tracks voluntarily is what keeps this community going, so giving something back is once again just common courtesy :)

Q: Are only songs allowed, or can I post videos and interviews too?
A: If it's DMB, then anything goes :D Upload away!

Dave Matthews Band is sweet love.

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