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looking for some songs.

Hey everyone, my laptop decided to delete a bunch of my music, awesome/
I'm looking for these songs:

Sweet Up and Down
The Idea Of You
Corn Bread
Louisiana Bayou
Seek Up

feel free to delete if not allowed.

x-post to a few other dmb communities.

Hello and Help!

Hello! I just joined this community a few minutes ago and I have to say that I'm on a desparate search for the song Butterfly. It was in the movie Because of Winn Dixie and I think it's probably my favorite song at the moment. I have a very short 39 second version of it, but when looking up the lyrics I discovered that the song has an entire other verse to it.

I've looked many places for this song. For some odd reason it's not on the Soundtrack for Because of Winn Dixie (which is crazy because it's amazingly beautiful). If anyone could upload it to Yousendit in an MP3 or WMA format I would be eternally greatful.

Thank you!

Does anyone have a version of Watchtower with 7 Nation Army? Thanks in advance.

Jul. 10th, 2006

Hi, i know that the song Crush is well known but I was wondering if anybody could upload it for me or know of a site where i can get it in a mp3 format. thanks!

Grey Street

Hey Ya'll.

I'm looking for a good version of "Grey street" preferably in mp3. and as clean as a recording can get sound wise!

I dont quite know where to start..so if anyone has anything from this tour....or even the 'granny/grey street' from 5/30/06(the mp3 i have of it has a glitch in the middle of granny:()

I'm making a mixture of live dmb stuff for a trip im taking at the end of the month:)

looking for these mp3s

Recently bought a new computer,so I have to redownload all my dmb stuff:(

here's what im looking for

12/19/03 crush
6/14/06 crash into me

Rutebega Sessions...

Alright, I just want to clear one thing up, so if anyone can help I would really appreciate it...

I have a bunch of songs from the Rutebega Sessions (1/05/92) but I am not positive if I have all of them...

I have:

After Her
Best Of What's Around
Cry Freedom
I'll Back You Up
Lover Lay Down
One Sweet World
Song That Jane Likes
Tripping Billies
Typical Situation
What Would You Say

I read somewhere that there was also a recording of Dancing Nancies and Say Goodbye in with that bunch and I was wondering 1) if that's true, and 2) if anyone has it, if they would be willing to upload it. I would really really appreciate it! :)

And, since I usually come to the party empty handed, I am really excited to have something to offer up this time!

This is a recording of So Right from the 6/10 show in Pittsburgh. :) One of my favorite DMB songs, and hopefully one of yours too!

So Right -- Live at Post-Gazette Pavilion
My first dave show ever..was june 14th at darien lake.

does anyone happen to have any tracks from that show?
mp3 would be great.

I'm getting a new computer hopefully by wednesday so I cant download anything until then...
just a heads up..so take your time if you can help:)


i seem to have lost my copy of "under the table and dreaming". if someone could hook me up with the tracks, iTunes compatible, i'd be eternally grateful.


Sister @ Manchester Academy

I think someone wanted this, so here it is


(change xx to tt)