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song help please!

hey all,
i'm trying to find a recording of #40 from 5.10.1995. I know it's rare, but I also know it's out there, I just lost it when I got a new computer. It's my all time favorite DMB song so if anyone can help a fellow Nancie out I'd be greatly appreciative. I know there are a lot of different versions of the song, so I put the lyrics behind a cut to elimante any confusion as to which one I want.

5/10/1995 alternate lyrics

share the time again
i spend with you
a friend is always good to have
but a lover's kiss is better than angels raining down on me
i dream of you at times when you're by my side
dream you're not just like you are
so troubled and doubling my pain
just with a grin or tear
you shed for me
i wish that i could climb inside your mind
and spend some time in there
i’d hug and hold you
and mold you into what i'd like
but no I can't do this
just a kiss
to spend the while by you
and a familiar smile and voice

while away
then you leave back and smiling
on you
most everything you do for me i say
and the while let's make away
and feel warm
in the middle of this storm with you
with love and through

oh well
oh the friends they say how she’s good while she’s right
i say and if when you were again
when you were a friend
before the lie lie
this one i say
say it oh yeah
yes i do end with you sometimes

but while i do my best
but all the rest i leave to you
can't wait for the hour
and when two things become this
all this trouble for a kiss from you i do it
and then you come up smiling
and i'm thrown
until i get a little storm with you i do it

oh love lover line up well yeah
found if us abound
if leave it you go
oh well i was stole
oh well i'm rolling
the road to you is long
and i've been on it for a while
but i need to rode away
i'll take a break

oh cause i dont want to leave me away

and you are
all there
i’ll give in
and feel

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